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I would do a bigger giveaway, but this is all I can do for now because of college. Giveaway ends Monday September 8, and winners will be chosen the 9th. You need to have your ask box on, follow me, and reblog this post. likes only count as second entries. reblog as many times as you like. If this gets popular enough I may give out 15 more shiny mews. The huge giveaways will resume when college ends.


Because I am an idiot there is a pikachu missing in the gif made above.


I have 6 pikachus to give out, the Jirachi giveaway and the lopunny giveaways are now over! (If you have yet to receive your Jirachi you are welcome to send me a message, but don’t try lying to me, I have a list of igns.)

How to enter this giveaway: You gotta follow me, and shiny-cradily (my very good friend who made the image above!) Then like this and add me, my friend code is 4098-3653-1476 and my ign is Ace. After you have added me then reblog it with your IGN(in game name) and fc, as well as your mii name. (both ign and mii name are required for checklist purposes). (also, please don’t reblog this until you’ve added me, I might end up having to skip you for a long while if you do that.)(yes you still have to do this even if you’ve added me before, as I am making a new checklist, and I cleared out my friends)

What you get: 6 different pikachus! A surfing, flying, birthday, singing, mega kicking, and shining pikachu! (Everyone gets all of them)

It would be nice if you traded me something different for each one, but it is not required. You also don’t have to give me any shinies, because there is a chance that everything you give me may be released (unless it is a legendary I don’t already have or a shiny, or some other pokemon I don’t have)

You may message me about this if you do not receive it within 24 hours, but chances are I will have explained why I was unable to get it to you on my blog. This ends on the 25th, as that is the back to school date and I may have college on that day. (it may also end once I’ve given out 1000 pikachus, but that’s not too likely to happen)

The only pikachus I know for a fact are hacked in are the surfing pikachu and the shiny pikachu, however these are considered legal hacks and will not hurt your game in any way. If you have any questions regarding them, feel free to inbox me.

FC: 5043-3021-7432

IGN: Riza

Mii: Riza

Shiny Lopunny GTS giveaway!


It’s time for another giveaway, this one is different than the last!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW ME, although it would be nice

here’s what you do: reblog this post with your IGN(In game name, not the website) this is for checklist purposes.

go to the gts and put up a pachirisu (It can be found on route 12) be sure to put Thanks Ace in the comments

If you do not recieve yours within 24 hours feel free to message me about it (also, the Jirachi giveaway is still going on!)

here is the Lopunny (I cannot change the name, and I fully ev trained it, but you are welcome to retrain it) you will be recieving (it has perfect ivs): 




IGN: Riza

Shiny Jirachi!


Okay, so this post is no longer the giveaway.

This one is.

Here are the rules:

Follow me, reblog this post with your friend code and IGN(in game name). Do not reblog this from someone else, reblog it directly from me.


this is a major time consuming thing, so do NOT send me an ask about when you will get your jirachi, or complain that it’s taking too long

I have the right to cancel this whenever I feel like, and I have the right to deny you a jirachi.


I will take my time, and I may not be able to do this tomorrow, but if you follow the rules you should get your Shiny Jirachi. 

FC: 5043-3021-7432

IGN: Riza

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